I paint, bead, weave webs, sew creations, take photos, and do crafts of all sorts found and recycled materials . I enjoy blending 2 or more forms together into a sculpture or story board. Often, I integrate my poetry and art into one artistic piece.

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Driftwood Inc.

Dream Catchers

Moon Hangings

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Story Boards

You Will Relocate!

Story Panel Series

•A Tricksters Domain

is a series of narrative panels of mixed media depicting my poem , Lost on Some Dirt Road. There are seven 14 by 22 inch story panels of fabric, words, feathers, beads, and bone. Each panel illustrates a stanza or a part of a stanza that is in writing upon the piece. From the moment the car leaves the rez road and drives under the canopy of song they enter a surreal domain of hidden camps and charging buffalo. The observer is whisped along from panel to panel until the carload escapes the tricksters domain. Here are the first three:

These photos are excellent. The zoom really works.            Pictures Jesse Lee

All Seven Story Panels

• Wearable Art •

Paintings •

Click here to see the poems that go with each painting.


• Sculptures/Installations •

2 or more artistic forms: carving, dream catches, photography, crafting, bead work…..blended together in one art piece.

• Broadsides•

A collaboration of poetry and art printed on fancy paper. $5 – $20 catch me in person.

Prints Available contact River at

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