•A Tricksters Domain Series

•A Tricksters Domain Series

is a series of narrative panels of mixed media depicting my poem , Lost on Some Dirt Road. There are seven 14 by 22 inch story panels of fabric, words, feathers, beads, and bone. Each panel illustrates a stanza or a part of a stanza that is in writing upon the piece.
*Located in Art

Lost on Some Dirt Road

The instant their wheels hit dirt
they should have turned around
before they forgot about the Rez road
and drove under the canopy of song
before they entered this surreal domain
where orbs bounce through rings of light
setting traps for a trickster’s play.

It was here in this dreamscape haze
four friends got lost
down a road that does not exist
through fields of hidden camps
and dreamy forests they passed.
Amongst the tree line, shadows stood
beckoning them to stay, come
listen to our stories of the old ways.

Words that didn’t fool them
as their wheels continued spinning
through the mist of rising fog
a mirage of Buffalo appeared
running toward the car
shaking, they heard a warning
in the wind and tried to brace
before they hit
the buffalo faded back
into the coming night.

They were trapped in a trickster’s domain
with only one-way out
they had to turn around
and go back down the dirt road
they had to turn around
before it was too late.

Eventually, four Indians
found their way back
just in time for evening ceremony
one day late.

River Urke · Lost on some Dirt Road

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